Everything You Need To Know About Vaping


Vaping is the act of breathing in and out the water vapor produced by an electric device called a vaporizer or e-cigarette. The water vapor is the e-liquid in gaseous form that is inhaled and exhaled by vapers. It typically looks like thicker when compared to smoke but dissipates more quickly into the air and usually smells like fruit, candy or any other flavoring used. It has no tobacco content and in some cases no nicotine content as well.  It is a version of a traditional tobacco cigar though the word smoking is not normally used since there is no smoke. Instead of a pack of cigarettes, the electronic device is used which is normally refillable and rechargeable.

A vaporizer consists of a mouthpiece, battery, cartridge, atomizer or cartomizer and a circuit with a sensor. A cartomizer is a recent replacement for atomizer that combines an atomizer and the cartridge in one unit. The e-liquid is contained in the cartridge which is also called the cheap e juice, while atomizer has a heating element, normally a thin metallic coil that is heated by the power produced by the battery.

When a consumer takes a drag on the mouthpiece, the battery heats up the coil, a wick made of cotton takes in the e-liquid from the cartridge, and when it comes into contact with the coil, which is hotter than the boiling point of the e-liquid, it automatically changes into vapor. The vapor is then taken in by the consumer that gets to their lungs and is then exhaled. The e-liquid normally consists of PG/VG blend, nicotine, and flavoring. Learn how to operate ecigs with these steps in http://www.ehow.com/how_5609771_operate-electronic-cigarette.html.

Though it is popularly believed that vaporizers were invented a few years ago, the truth is that they date thousands of years in history. They had been mentioned previously in a book titled The History of Herodotus by a Greek Historian. However, the first modern style vaporizer is believed to be formed and patented around 1960. Early and mid-2000s mark the modern era of vapes when a lot of producers began creating and selling small portable vaporizers. In the current times, you can find vaporizers in in all shapes and sizes. You can purchase cheap e juice collection here!

Vaping has now become a new culture, with vape manufacturers selling apparels, hats, and gear with their name on it.  There are also vape bars and online communities. Some people known as cloud chasers have turned vaping into a competitive sport called cloud chasing. The goal is to generate the biggest and thickest plumes of vapor.


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